What we do ?

Welcome to GLASSTEC, a young but experienced trading company based in Switzerland. We are a trusted and reliable partner for the global flat glass and related industries. Our focus is on providing consumables and technical goods and services.

Our expertise spans technical issues related to glass construction requirements, calculations and recommendations. We are proud to count architects, engineers, designers and manufacturers among our valued customers. At GLASSTEC, we are committed to providing you with customized solutions and assisting you with your project. Rely on us as your reliable partner in the world of flat glass.

This is us!

GLASSTEC is characterized by clear corporate values that shape our culture. Innovation and flexibility are central to meeting customer needs. We are reliable and keep promises. The love of our work and the enthusiasm of our employees are reflected in our quality work. People are at the heart of our business; we promote inclusion and create opportunities. Our values are at the heart of our company, guide us in all our activities and are the source of our daily inspiration. At GLASSTEC, excellence and reliability are top priorities. Welcome to us, where our values lead the way to success.

The Team

Rishma Fazal Admin / Management
Fazal Firdous Sales / Management
Rashida Zahir Office
Fawaz Packeeran Marketing / Consultant
Fahad Nazir IT

Our Vision

We are envisioning to be a premier partner to the global glass, windows and related industry. Focusing on the supply of high grade, innovative products and services. We ensure that customers have clear range of products for all price and quality segments.

Company data

Glasstec Switzerland Ltd.
UID : CHE-376.636.054
VAT :CHE-376.636.054 VAT

DE-VAT-No. DE344587306

Bank : Raiffeisenbank Wasseramt-Buchsi
IBAN: CH11 8080 8009 2031 5892 2
Paypal: paypal.me/glasstec

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Our Office and Warehouse

Office and Warehouse in Switzerland:  Ribibachstrasse 3, 3428 Wiler .b.U Bern Switzerand

Warehouse in Germany: Einhänge 10, DE-79618 Rheinfelden, Germany

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Friday : 8:00 to 12:00
    • Afternoon : 13:30 – 17:00
  • Visits and Pickups on Appointments only please info@glasstec.ch or +41 32 323 66 26


If you’re interested in employment opportunities at Glasstec, please email us: info@glasstec.ch