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1/2″ connection drill adapter with cooling water supply

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With this 1/2″ connection drill adapter with cooling water supply, you can use any conventional drill with a 12 mm spanner width for drills or countersinks with a 1/2″ connection thread. The water flushing sleeve is perfect for diamond hollow drills and countersinks with internal cooling, and the connection through the drill bit R1/2 is quick and easy. The water supply is adjustable via ball valve, making it easy to get the perfect flow. This adapter is also suitable for tile drills. With this adapter, there is no need for post-cooling when countersinking or drilling in construction or production


1/2″ connection drill adapter water flushing bush with cooling water supply through the drill or internal cooling.water flushing head for wet drilling with drill bits on drilling machines water flushing bush

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Brass, Stainless steel