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1.6m2 Magnet Profi Plus Mirror Set

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The 1.6m2 Magnet Profi Plus Mirror Set is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home. With two eccentric discs with setting scale, two mirror magnets, and two self-adhesive magnetic sheets 70 x 70mm, this set is perfect for up to 1,6m² of mirror surface. The self-adhesive, folded mirror sheets 100 x 200mm are also included for added convenience. The mounting accessories such as screws, Wallplugs and spacers are enclosed. The Profi-Plus coating ensures that your mirrors will always look their best.


 9.00 ex.VAT

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1.6m2 Magnet Profi-Plus mirror set for mirror or glass surface up to 1.6m2 or max. 24kg

Shipping: about 2-5 working days