3D adjustable point fixture 30xD50 with 4-pin cylinder head screw INOX

High-quality point holder made of stainless steel V2A / EN 1.4301 / ASI 304. Matt ground. Suitable for glass thickness 10-21.52 mm including rubber inserts. A D10 slot is available for attachment. Excluding fastening material. For indoor and outdoor. For adjustable assembly. This point holder can be offset up to approx. 8 mm from the drilling point in all directions (X-Axis 5 mm), so glass offset in the glass holes can be optimally compensated.


3 Dimensional adjustable point holder  point fixture for Glas Ballustrades 30xD50 with 4-pin cylinder head screw INOX

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Stainless steel


Satin chrome

Glass thickness

21.52mm, 10mm

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