BriteGuard Express

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BriteGuard Express is the perfect way to protect your shower before installation. The glass surface is protected from water and dirt, making it easy to clean. Your customer will enjoy the high-quality shower for a long time. The application is very simple: the special liquid is applied uniformly to the clean glass surface and wiped off with a cloth. The protective effect occurs immediately. The one-step product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
It can be used as effectively on glass showers and dividing walls as on conservatory doors. The protective effect lasts much longer than with comparable temporary products.


Fast protection for all smooth glass surfaces
Simple application.

1. Clean the glass pane
2. Sprinkle and polish BriteGuard Express evenly

Immediately hydrophobic (water rolls off)
Protection & -easy to clean- for several months
Renewable at any time
For the professional and the application at home

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