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Cork Space with adhesive foam 25x 24 x 5 mm.

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This Cork space is used for the purpose of transportation of glass, where the cork space is kept between the glass inorder to avoid collision with each other, that reduces breakages. This cork space is very soft but sturdy. It is self-adhesive and creased for convenient handling and also it could be removed without any residue(clean removal).The Cork Space is suitable for Glass industry and is also relative to any industry that handles with sensitive surfaces(no liability – please check before use). This is made from natural cork and the adhesive is a spongy matter. This is made in Germany. Various sizes can be supplied per request.



Cork discs with adhesive foam 25x 24 x 5 mm. Roll á 4000 pieces.

Without cover foil
Color: brown/white
Dimension: 5 x 25 x 24 mm
cork thickness 3 mm + 2 mm adhesive foam

cork stacking discs are intended as spacers between glass and insulating glass panes. Before any other use, an application-related test, for example for surface discoloration, plasticizer migration or adhesion must be carried out, for applications outside the stacking of glass no rifle performance.

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