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Double-Sided Drilling Machine

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Looking for a top-quality double-sided drilling machine? Look no further than the VTS 04 L-BOXER. This machine is designed for drilling holes in sheet glass, and can drill holes from 5 to 100 mm in diameter. The engines are regulated by an electronic indenter, and the drilled hole is clean and free of any burrs thanks to the sophisticated system of two drilling heads. The motorized vertical travel makes handling the glass easy, and the well-developed system of backstops increases productivity. With easy manipulation and low operation costs, the VTS 04 L-BOXER is the perfect choice for your drilling needs.

 26´070.00 ex.VAT


Other advantages of this drilling machine include:

  • One-handed ergonomic operation
  • Motorized vertical adjustment has 2 speeds (the slow is automatically changed in the quick one)
  • Drill depth 1.150 mm
  • Robust frame
  • Power consumption only 1,8 kW
  • Compact design, affordable system, saves floor space
  • Exact and easy control of coordinates(precise location of the hole centre)
  • 2-years warranty

Compatible accessories: