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Double-Sided Drilling Machine

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The Double-Sided Drilling Machine is the perfect machine for drilling holes in sheet glass. With a drilling range of 5 to 100 mm, the machine is suitable for a variety of applications. The electronic indenter allows for precise control of the drilling process, while the two drilling heads ensure clean and burr-free holes. The motorized vertical travel makes it easy to handle the glass, and the well-developed system of backstops increases productivity. With easy manipulation and low operation costs, the Double-Sided Drilling Machine is an efficient and versatile tool.

 29´670.00 ex.VAT


Other advantages of this drilling machine include:

  • One-handed ergonomic operation
  • Motorized vertical adjustment has 2 speeds (the slow is automatically changed in the quick one)
  • Drill depth 1.150 mm
  • Robust frame
  • Power consumption only 1,8 kW
  • Compact design, affordable system, saves floor space
  • Exact and easy control of coordinates(precise location of the hole centre)
  • 2-years warranty