Glass profile TL-6000

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The U-profile TL-6000 is the big challenger of all Aluminium profiles and still has considerable installation advantages. Especially suitable for applications in the private sector and low-traffic buildings. The mounting distances have been increased and also you can use adjustable bolt anchors. Thus, the product is not only cheaper and faster in the assembly, but also the statics has improved significantly. It can be used outdoors, withstands a linear load of 0.74 kN and is suitable for glass brands between 12 mm and 21.52 mm.

Glass railings are complex products that require a lot of expertise and experience. We therefore offer project-based quotations so that you can fully rely on us. Our prices are indicative only and vary depending on the effort and complexity of the project.

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 434.00 ex.VAT


ONLEVEL FLEXFIT glass mounting system For glass thickness 12-21,52mm. Mounting distance at 0.5kN – 300mm By using bolt anchor you save enormous costs in assembly.


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2500mm, 5000mm