Horseshoe 50 x 75mm step wedges Aluminium untreated

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Discover the innovation in height and side adjustment with our horseshoe step wedges made of untreated aluminium. The unique stepped design gives you maximum flexibility when adjusting profiles and mounting elements of all kinds.

Unique stepped design:
The innovative stepped design allows precise height and lateral adjustment for various profiles and mounting elements. The flexibility offered by these stepped wedges is unrivalled.

Pressure resistant and suitable for outdoor use:
Our horseshoe step wedges are not only pressure-resistant, but also ideally suited for outdoor use. Robust aluminium ensures a long service life, even in demanding conditions. Ideal for levelling railing profiles

Adjustable height:
The height of these unique step wedges can be adjusted in the range from 1.5 mm to 6.5 mm. Customise them to the exact requirements of your projects and achieve optimum results.

Easy to use:
Thanks to the integrated notches and predetermined breaking points, handling is child’s play. After adjustment, the wedges can be easily bent to ensure a perfect fit.

These aluminium horseshoe step wedges not only offer the highest quality, but also unparalleled adaptability for your construction projects. Order now and experience the future of height adjustment!

 50.00 ex.VAT


Technical details:

Suitable for adjustment: 1 to 6.5 mm
Material: Aluminium
Packaging unit (PU): 20 pieces


When planning and installing our systems, you should always take the structural tolerances into account. This is because we know from our installation experience on construction sites that there can sometimes be deviations from the nominal dimensions. Unfortunately, this happens again and again and is unavoidable. These deviations must not impair the flawless installation of our systems: A level, right-angled installation must be guaranteed. If this is not the case, you should definitely take remedial action. Excessive deviations in evenness can usually be compensated for by shimming. From the construction side, for example, this can be levelled out with suitable mortar. It is immensely important that any shims are applied to the entire surface and are pressure-resistant – our shims 90.7012.012.10, for example, can be very helpful here.

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Sales unit

20 Pcs

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