Optical glass thickness gauge for insulating glass

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to measure the thickness of an installed glass pane, this Simple Glass Thickness Gauge is the perfect tool for the job. Simply hold the gauge up to the glass and look for the reflection of the mark on the gauge over the glass. The thickness of the glass will be visible on this reflection, allowing you to quickly and easily identify it without having to remove the glass. This Optical Glass Thickness Gauge is also a great option for measuring insulating glass. It’s compact and easy to use, and provides accurate measurements in both millimeters and inches.

 15.00 ex.VAT

  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Metric
  • Measure outside / inside glass thickness
  • 160mmx66mm
  • The intersection of the second oblique line with the third base line gives the glass intermediate space
Weight 170 g
Dimensions 250 × 70 × 5 mm