Polishing felt D80 for Hand Drills

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Polishing felt for removing small / nasty scratches on the glass for example during processing or assembly. The polishing felt is glued to a metal pin, with which the felt can be clamped in any hand drill. The polishing felt for glass is 80 mm in diameter and 30 mm thick. Always remove foreign material from the scratched area before polishing to avoid further scratching. With Cerium or similar polish remove the scratch within minutes. After use, it is best to wrap in a dust and dirt-free container or in a clean cloth thus avoiding adhesion of foreign material for the next time.


In stock

D80 mm in diameter and 30 mm thick Polishing Felt with 6mm shank. Can be clamped in conventional hand drills. Handy to used in the  production or at the construction site. Store in a dust and dirt-free place. For clamping in the drill chuck of a drill. Made of white, firm felt.

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