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POWER Sucker Metal Pump Suction Lift 100kg Single Suction cup Ø203mm

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POWERSucker – our powerful suction lifter

Incredible suction capacity paired with a powerful lifting capacity of 100 kg – these are our new OnLevel Power Suckers. The only true suction lifter for gas-tight materials. And the best thing about it’s It also comes in a transportable and sexy little black case. With a net weight of only 1.9 kg, it is hard to beat in terms of lightness and the suction disc of Ø 200 mm is second to none. Looking for parallels? Impossible, but carrying it parallel is. The red ring on the pump plunger warns you if you should ever lose your suction power, just like the motto safety first.

 95.00 ex.VAT


Main features
| Load capacity up to 100 kg
| Only 1,9kg own weight
| Practical case included
| Suction disc Ø 200 mm

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 250 × 300 × 110 mm



2-5 working days

Sales unit

1 Set

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