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creation of a nanorughness

The PYROSIL process relies on the flame pyrolytic deposition of amorphous silica on the substrate material and is a form of silicatization.
The surface to be treated is passed through a gas flame, into which a silicon-containing substance, the PYROSIL, is metered. The PYROSIL, also called precursor burns and settles as amorphous silicon dioxide in a very thin (5-100 nm) but dense and firmly adhering layer on the surface. Due to the low exposure time of the flame, the surface temperature increase of the material remains moderate. The PYROSIL process is therefore not only suitable for glass, ceramics and metals, but is also excellently suited for plastics.

Structured, highly-augmented surfaces with improved chemical bonding capabilities can be realized effectively and cost-efficiently with the PYROSIL® process.

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Primer for finishes and adhesions
Corrosion protection coatings
sealing layers
barrier layers

Roughening (nanoporoes) of the surface
Hydrophilization of the surface, very high surface energy
Invisible & flexible coating
Creation of a defined and responsive surface
Shelf life (Can be stored for up to 1-4 weeks without further loss of activity when used with adhesion promoter)

Effective and cost-effective, scalable process
Gentle on materials and temperature
Can be used on almost all materials
Individually adaptable in parameters to the requirements

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