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Shower swing door glass-glass 180 °, Flamea

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The Shower swing door hinge, glass-glass 180 °, 90 ° opening on both sides, zero position adjustable, for 6-10mm glass thickness, Capacity / pair: 36 kg is a great product for anyone who needs a reliable and sturdy way to keep their shower doors in place. The hinge is made of high-quality materials and can support up to 36 kg of weight, making it ideal for use with heavier doors. The zero position adjustable feature allows you to fine-tune the positioning of the hinge to ensure that your doors are properly aligned, while the flamea.tonality friendly design makes it easy to use and install.

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 93.50 113.50 ex.VAT

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 93.50 ex.VAT

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 113.50 ex.VAT

Shower door belt, glass-glass 180 °
90 ° opening on both sides
Stepless zero position adjustment
Self-closing on the last few centimeters
Optimized for the installation without sealing profile
Glass thickness: 6, 8 and 10 mm
Load capacity (2 belts): 36 kg
36 kg corresponds to a maximum door leaf size of
900 x 2000 mm with a glass thickness of 8 mm
Slot adjustment in the wall mounting

Delivery time:
Shipping: about 2-5 working days

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