Tin side detector

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For various applications in glass processing, it is important to know which side of the float glass sheet was in contact with the tin bath during the production process. Especially to determine the adhesive side when using special adhesives or before coating on glass. Difference from the tin side or fire side is hardly visible to the naked eye.

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Particularly well suited for use in glass fusing (fusing)
Operation via 4 normal “AA” batteries
Delivery includes batteries and operating instructions
Determining the tin side of window glass

In the production of float glass, one side of the glass floats on liquid tin. This side can be made visible by using tin side detector as tin ions diffuse into the glass surface.

Why the tin side can be problematic
The annealing process during the production of flat glass leaves a tin residue on one side of the glass. This is the problem for window cleaners. If you use an acid on the tin side to remove contaminants, such as from hard water, you can corrode or “smoke” the glass.


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