UV-Glue Verifix LV 740 VIS 100g

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Verifix® LV740 enables quick, transparent and non-yellowing glass-glass edge bonding. The adhesive becomes very hard and is moisture resistant. Together with Pyrosil®, it is therefore very well suited for bonds inside bathrooms or for hot or cold food displays. Thanks to the good capillary action, final cleaning is considerably reduced.


In stock

Technical Data

Adhesive system: UV Adhesive
Curing mechanism: UV curing
Application: edge bonding
Construction : open · closed
Viscosity : capillary action
Colour : crystal clear
Moisture resistant: yes
Spacers: no


  • suitable for float glass and tempered glass edge bonding
  • good capillary action
  • UV curing
  • suitable for bonding in humid environments
  • Shelf life in original packaging: 18 months from the date of manufacture
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