UV-Glue Verifix LV 740 VIS


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Due to its excellent capillary action, this UVA and light curing adhesive is ideal for bonding glass to glass, tempered to tempered glass, laminated safety to laminated safety glass and all float/tempered/laminated safety glass combinations. This adhesive is used when looks are extremely important, e.g. in the construction of display cabinets, glass furniture, etc. The main areas of application are objects or glass constructions subject to static as well as dynamic forces. Reduced clean-up time means that production cycles can be done quickly and efficiently. Please note: Its special composition makes Verifix® LV 740VIS particularly suitable for laminated safety to laminated safety glass bonds.


In stock

In stock

Application: edge bonding
Construction: open
Viscosity: capillary
Color: crystal clear
Moisture-proof: yes
Spacer: no
Next container sizes on request

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