Soft Surface Cleaner Xtra Clean

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XtraClean is a powerful yet gentle cleaning solution that can handle the toughest stains.It has a unique formula contains microparticles, essential oils and surfactants that work together to provide a high-powered clean that is gentle on surfaces. Whether you’re dealing with graffiti, deposits or persistent stains, XtraClean can handle it.

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With millions of microparticles and essential oils XtraClean cleans gently yet effectively. The effect of the cleaning particles is supported by surfactants that increase the solubility of fatty stains, as well as by essential oils that are released during cleaning. The higher the temperature during cleaning, the more essential oils are released and the richer the cleaning paste. XtraClean contains no chemical additives, is free of acids and aggressive or bleaching ingredients. Instead, the concentration of microparticles in the pasty texture is particularly high. They act mechanically on the dirt layer and release it by friction from the base material. For this purpose, the paste is applied with a commercially available sponge or a soft cloth and rubbed thoroughly on the surface to be cleaned. After contamination, it may be useful to treat it with clear water and a soft sponge.

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