Shower Cubicle Planning Service

Save time and focus on your business.

Now you can rely on us, for a professional planning service. No trouble with false Cut-outs or measurement errors during installation. We offer the possibility of planning glass shower cabins with fittings from Pauli & Sohn or Revo. With us you have a reliable partner for CAD planning for your all-glass showers.

The partnership with us has many advantages:

  • Save time and money!
    You save valuable time with the characters or can relieve your project managers.
  • Avoid errors!
    Double control; we have experienced staff who know the product.
  • Self-explanatory sketches / plan!
    Fittings and accessories are listed; Thus, your employees can assemble the fittings themselves.
  • Consulting and optimization!
    We are happy to advise you on construction situations.
    Order and Tracking!
    On request, we can also deliver the fittings on time.

This is how it works..

+ Step 1 - Measurement on site

As usual, you carry out the measurement / Consultant with your customers on Site. All we need is the Raw End-Measurement and the information on the construction situation. It’s best to shoot a few photos.

Sketch at your discretion or use our shower cubicle sketching sheets.

  • On the sketch, the measurement must be clearly visible.
  • Oblique edges noted.
  • Specify to Fittings Model.
  • Your Site details etc.

+ Step 2 - Sketch the Cubical & send it to us

Just send your sketch with all the information you need to write down anyway to us .
You can send the pictures with the following options:

  • e-mail
  • Whatsapp
  • Chat on our website
  • MobileApp

+ Step 3 - We'll do the rest for you.



Our design team creates the CAD production sketch in PDF, DXF / DWG within 24 hours. Control and release for glass production.

You receive:

CAD planning in PDF with all information on the required fittings, seals, etc.
DXF / DWG file for glass production, which you can pass on to your production.







+ Additionally: Leave an Great impression with the your client

On request we can also offer additional 3D visualization. E.g Like the following pictures