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We like to keep it uncomplicated, contacting us is now simple as it possibly can be.

Simply add our Watsapp / Viber or WeChat No. +41 76 558 66 26 to your contacts in your smartphone. And start chatting.

Profit and save time, you can eg. use the following service via Watsapp or WeChat:

Questions about products
Check stock levels
To order
Status queries of your orders
Share pictures / videos.

As a rule, messages are answered within 2-3 hours. When contacting us for the first time, please state your name and company name and your customer number, if available.

Try this link to Watsapp rigth away : Watsapp

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You will not receive any advertising or unwanted calls / Watsapp without your consent and of course your contact details will not be passed on to third parties.

We are looking forward to your message.