36mm wide wooden glazing blocks 80mm long

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The wooden glazing blocks are made of specially impregnated hardwood and have a high pressure resistance. The blocks are 80mm long and 36mm wide. They are available in packs of 100 pieces. With these blocks, you can create a beautiful and natural look for your home.

 6.20 7.70 ex.VAT

 6.20 ex.VAT
 6.20 ex.VAT
 6.60 ex.VAT
 6.90 ex.VAT
 7.70 ex.VAT

Made of specially impregnated hardwood · sufficient compressive strength · do not cause chipping on the glass edge

Manufactured in accordance with the Technical Guidelines of Glazier Crafts No. 3 “Blocking of Glazing Units”
Packing unit 100 pieces